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Buy Vicodin 7.5 mg Online for Moderate to Severe Pain

Brand Name: Vicodin
Generic Name: Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen
Strength: 7.5mg
Product Form: Pills/Tablets
Category: Pain Medicines
Packing Details: Blisters
Manufacturer: Abbott
Stock Status: In Stock


The medication Vicodin is a combination of two medications hydrocodone that is a narcotic pain reliever and acetaminophen that is a non narcotic pain reliever. Hydrocodone works in the brain by changing how body responds and feels to pain and acetaminophen helps to reduce fever.

Dosage and Precautions

The dosage based on the age, response of the treatment and medical condition. The medication is taken through mouth directly with or without food. Do not stop or increase the dosage without the prescription of doctor.

The medication is not recommended with certain types of medical conditions such as kidney problems, liver disease, head injuries, mental disorders, stomach problems, gallbladder disease, brain disorder and disease of pancreases, if you have any medical condition or history tell your doctor. If you are allergic to medications tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking the medication. Avoid driving and machinery work as this medication can make you dizzy or drowsy.

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